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Certified Public Equipment Engineer (water supply and drainage) qualification examination outline

professional examination outline

1. Water supply engineering

1.1 water supply system

be familiar with the composition and classification of water supply system

master the calculation of design water consumption

be familiar with the flow relationship of water supply system Water pressure relationship

1.2 water conveyance and distribution engineering

master the layout and hydraulic calculation of pipes and water conveyance pipes

master the volume calculation of water tower and clean water tank, and the determination of water tower height

be familiar with the technical and economic comparison of pipe schemes

understand the design of zoning water supply system

be familiar with the water supply pipes, accessories and pipeline laying methods

understand the anti-corrosion methods of water supply pipes

1.3 water intake engineering

understand the overview of water resources Water source selection and water intake engineering tasks

be familiar with the type and applicable conditions of groundwater intake structures

master the type, site selection and layout requirements of surface water intake structures

1.4 water supply treatment

be familiar with the main methods and basic theories of water supply treatment

master the process design of coagulation, sedimentation, clarification and filtration structures

be familiar with chlorine disinfection and equipment, Understand other disinfection methods

understand the methods of removing iron and manganese from groundwater

master soft water Pure water preparation method and system design

familiar with water plant design

1.5 water cooling and circulating cooling water quality treatment

"But understand the cooling principle of water and cooling structures, be familiar with the water quality treatment of circulating cooling water

master the composition and design principles of circulating cooling water system

2. Drainage engineering

2.1 drainage system

be familiar with the system, composition and planning and design principles of drainage system

master the design and calculation of sewage pipeline system and rainwater pipeline system

be familiar with the calculation of rainstorm intensity formula

understand the design and calculation of flood drainage ditch

Be familiar with the urban sewage reuse system and its composition

understand the service conditions, layout characteristics, flow calculation with a melting point of 160 ~ 180 ℃ and the reconstruction method of the old urban combined system

master the section, materials, and Interface and foundation

be familiar with the structures on the drainage pipe and channel system

understand the management of the drainage pipe and channel system and (2) Jinan assay electrical connection: insert the plug of the motor source into the corresponding socket Maintenance

2.2 urban sewage treatment

understand the nature of sewage, pollution indicators, water pollution and hazards

be familiar with the basic methods and system design of urban sewage treatment

be familiar with the types and structural characteristics of sewage physical treatment facilities

master the aeration grit chamber Design and calculation of radial flow sedimentation tank

be familiar with the principle and main design parameters of activated sludge treatment of sewage

be familiar with the principle and process of biofilm treatment of sewage

understand the principle and application of anaerobic biological treatment of sewage

master the principle and application of common municipal sewage biological treatment processes

understand the advanced treatment and reuse technology of sewage

be familiar with the design and operation process of urban sewage treatment plant Measuring 72 tons

2.3 industrial wastewater treatment

understand the classification and discharge requirements of industrial wastewater

be familiar with the principle and application of physicochemical treatment of common Wangye wastewater

2.4 sludge treatment understand the classification of sludge Properties

familiar with sludge thickening methods

familiar with the mechanism and influencing factors of sludge anaerobic digestion

familiar with the structure and design of sludge anaerobic digestion tank

master the dewatering method of sludge

understand the final disposal method of sludge

3. Building water supply and drainage engineering

3.1 building water supply

understand water quality standards

master water quality protection measures

familiar with the composition of water supply system and pipes, pipe fittings, equipment Selection of accessories

master water consumption, design second flow and pipe hydraulic calculation

be familiar with water-saving measures


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