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Qu Daokui, President of Xinsong robot: innovation is from 0 to 1

at the "maker Summit & Zhenghe Island global innovation collection" activity a few days ago, Qu Daokui, as a leader in China's robot industry, let you work more at ease and share your views on innovation and entrepreneurship

we can see the relationship between innovation and entrepreneurship in this way: "from 0 to 1" and "from 1 to 100"

from 0 to 1 is innovation, which is more like a breakthrough in "points". From breaking through a technology, breaking through a principle, forming its own core products. From 0 to 1 is from nothing

Israel has done the best in this regard. Due to geographical restrictions, lack of resources and incomplete domestic production factors, the Jewish nation attaches great importance to culture and science and technology. From 0 to 1, Israel did the most. They usually make small-scale products by several to dozens of people, and then sell them to others. Now, China has become a major exporter of innovative products from Israel

from 1 to 100 is entrepreneurship. On the basis of innovation, we have 1. How can we get to 100? This is a systematic problem, which requires a lot of resource agglomeration and effective allocation, which is more difficult. At this time, what is needed is not personal ability, but comprehensive competitiveness. All of you here should not directly go from 0 to 100 in innovation and entrepreneurship, which is likely to be "death". First of all, we should make clear the two relationships, see what you choose in the range from 0 to 1 and from 1 to 100, and what are your core characteristics

another point, from 1 to 100, depends on the driving mode of industrial development. Now the drive is no longer dependent on a single element. We always say that innovation is driven, but innovation is not the only element. There are more elements of capital and market. At present, it is required that innovation and post manual control functions should be closely combined

there have been two tides of innovation and entrepreneurship in China, and now is the best era

there have been two tides of innovation and entrepreneurship in China since the reform and opening up. The first wave of innovation and entrepreneurship was from the reform and opening up to the beginning of this century. During this period, a large number of great enterprises such as Huawei, Lenovo and Haier emerged in China, which are the products of reform and opening up; The second spring tide is the era facing today, that is, the era of industrial 4.0 revolution, which brings an infinite possibility

the backgrounds of these two times are completely different, and the qualities we are required to have are also completely different

there were four backgrounds in the previous time. The first is the imbalance between supply and demand, that is, supply exceeds demand. There are markets everywhere, but there is a lack of good products. For enterprises participating in the first innovation and entrepreneurship, the market is "full of gold". The advantages of the great enterprises that survive now are concentrated in the industrial scale. There are many low-cost large-scale enterprises in China. Any small commodity can be sold in the big market, relying on labor-intensive

second, for post developed countries, there is a clear line ahead, experience can be used for reference, innovation investment is large, the risk is great, and it is not necessarily successful

third, the country's laws and regulations are not perfect, resulting in many new things outside the legal system. Many enterprises imitate and copy 1 Experimental force work developed

fourth, the success of many enterprises is due to asymmetric information, and the emerging entrepreneurial model is mainly trade

in this context, we call the imperfect legal system an opportunity on rules. The first wave of innovation and entrepreneurship has three elements: courage, ideas and relationships. Many idea companies, or enterprises through relationships. The rich second generation and the official second generation naturally have good resources with a high position

today's times are different, and the background and elements of this innovation and entrepreneurship are completely different. We are facing such a big environment today: first, there is no longer a shortage of supply, but a global oversupply. Industrial surplus has become the theme of normality. The reason lies in the progress of technology and the improvement of production efficiency

second, China has become the second largest economy in the world. Now we are ahead, and we have to move forward. No one can provide new goals. We need to explore where China is going

third, the improvement of laws and regulations is more critical to the transparency of information brought by digitalization and networking. It is really impossible to hide in any corner and find opportunities in the market

in this context, the mode of innovation and entrepreneurship begins to require personalization. Rely on technological breakthroughs or model changes, otherwise there will be no competitiveness, and it will not be able to achieve scale

in this mode, what we need today is not only to see whether you work hard or not, but also to see the overall management ability, the industrial scale of the whole field, whether the funds can be supported, the team rather than the individual, the choice of time, and when to do what

generally speaking, the opportunity of this time is greater than that of the last time. The reason is that this spring tide has caught up with the fourth industrial revolution in the world and is in a period of great change. Some technologies have entered the embryonic and growth period, providing us with unlimited opportunities. The development of new technology provides unlimited support for innovation and entrepreneurship. In the past, we have been following, lost a lot of opportunities, and can only find some small entrepreneurial sites. But today we can synchronize or even advance. Because we came to the same starting line

challenges and responses in the new era

after all, there are two aspects to things. It's good for you, and it's also good for everyone. The innovation and entrepreneurship in our era will be more tragic. We won't start a business successfully without beating our heads, and we can't make a great enterprise overnight. At this time, the competition between innovation and entrepreneurship is the competition of comprehensive strength

one problem is that the demand for resources has become increasingly huge. In the 30 years of reform and opening up, many people started from scratch, using a small amount of resources to do a large number of enterprises. The first pot of gold was easy to find, which was the characteristic of entrepreneurship at that time. But today, entrepreneurship in any high-tech field requires a lot of investment

another problem is competition. Your peers all over the world are doing what you do. What are your strengths? Homogeneous competition has brought greater challenges to entrepreneurial success. We established the company in 2000. At that time, there was no innovation culture, but we were the earliest in the field after all. Although the general environment is better now, the competition is more and more fierce, and the conditions are good for everyone. Now the difficulty and success rate of innovation and entrepreneurship may be even more difficult than in the past

another challenge is the environment. Networking, digitalization and globalization, the biggest change brought about by these "three modernizations" is openness and sharing. Under globalization, there is no difference in time and distance, which is very difficult. This determines the characteristics of innovation and entrepreneurship today, how to quickly integrate resources and elements, and whether entrepreneurship is successful or not

innovation and entrepreneurship are typical three high fields, with high difficulty, high risk and high return. Overnight, becoming a millionaire with our products all over the country may be everyone's driving force, but we should also see the high difficulty and high risk in front of us. Entrepreneurship is a near death, not the ability of ordinary people, and almost all successful people are "non-human"

my driving force in robotics is love. At that time, the earliest generation of robots was developed and innovated in this field because of interest. Later, when the times developed to a certain stage, we naturally formed products to go to the market. This is the transition from innovation to entrepreneurship. At present, Xinsong is still an innovative enterprise. 80% of our talents are concentrated in R & D, innovation and design, and only a few are production, manufacturing and service, which are mostly completed through external cooperation

innovation and entrepreneurship are not suitable for everyone. It may be a comprehensive requirement to see the personal significance of this matter to entrepreneurs, the ability of entrepreneurs to withstand blows, and the judgment of things. Some people are suitable for innovation, while others are suitable for entrepreneurship. Everyone should choose what they are good at according to their own characteristics, instead of rushing to the ground, they should choose according to their own characteristics, resources and background. Innovation and entrepreneurship should not be fought alone, but must have a good team. Individuals can walk fast, but if they want to go far, they must have a strong team

for the robot field, there is no end life cycle

is the robot industry worth taking root and further development. First of all, robot itself is both technical and comprehensive. In terms of technology, it covers almost all the hot spots we can imagine now, such as new materials, electronic technology chips, control systems, software, voice visual perception, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud. In other words, on the big platform of robot, almost all kinds of popular technologies we can imagine now are gathered, so there is a huge space for development

second, in terms of market, it is a market of several trillion dollars. The concept of robot has developed to this day, which is not just the appearance of a manipulator in imagination or on TV. Today's robots have become human partners, and earth shaking changes have taken place in content and technology. In medical treatment, health, national defense and service, robots are almost everywhere

third, robots can support the development of other industries. The United States proposed to "bridge" with internet robots in 2013. Robots can be added to all fields: robots + production and manufacturing, robots + national defense and safety, robots + production and sales, robots + education and training, robots + transportation and logistics. This practice subverts the traditional field. More importantly, robots are platform technology that can support and change our current model

fourth, the sustainability of robots. Any technology product has a life cycle, so we have to choose a technology with a long cycle for innovation and entrepreneurship. The general technology takes three to five years, or two to three years or a year and a half, but for the robot field, its life cycle has no end. Why? With the development of intelligence and the improvement of robot level, this technology and product will always accompany mankind



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