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Quality announcement of national supervision and random inspection of adhesive product quality

in order to ensure the product quality of interior decoration materials, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and promote the healthy development of the industry, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China organized the national supervision and random inspection of adhesive product quality. A total of 322 kinds of products (not involving export products) produced by 291 enterprises in 15 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Henan, Hubei, Shandong, Guangdong and Shaanxi, were spot checked. The qualified rate of physical quality sampling of products was 99.2%. For the continuous optimization of product structure, this spot check is based on the requirements of the mandatory national standard GBL "limits of harmful substances in adhesives for interior decoration materials". The free formaldehyde, benzene, toluene + xylene, toluene diisocyanate and total volatile organic compounds of adhesive products were tested by the aluminum based new material industry development plan prepared by the light alloy Research Institute of Nanjing University. After inspection, the products produced by large enterprises with high market share are of good quality, and all the inspected items meet the requirements of national standards. The main quality problem found in the spot check is that the content of free formaldehyde or benzene in individual products exceeds the standard. Formaldehyde is a toxic substance, colorless, strong, especially with outstanding advantages such as continuous use at high temperature and stable performance in an environment with sharp temperature changes. It has a strong pungent smell. Benzene is a colorless liquid with special aromatic smell. It is a flammable and highly toxic substance, which is very volatile at room temperature. The compulsory national standard GBL "limit of harmful substances in adhesives for interior decoration materials" stipulates that the benzene content of adhesive products is 59/kg. In the random inspection, the content of free formaldehyde and benzene in some products was unqualified, and the benzene content of one product was 5069/K9, which was more than 100 times that of the mandatory national standards. In view of the main quality problems found in the random inspection, the AQSIQ has instructed the local quality and technical supervision departments to deal with the enterprises whose products are unqualified in the random inspection in strict accordance with the provisions of the product quality law and other relevant laws and regulations, and rectify them within a time limit. At the same time, enterprises with better quality in the spot check should be given more publicity to guide consumption. AQSIQ will continue to track and spot check the quality of adhesive products to improve the overall quality level of the adhesive industry. After the national supervision of adhesive products, pomelo and apricot parts have become famous for their products? Span lang=en-us serial number enterprise name product name trademark specification model production date 1 National Starch Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (member unit) korlol (3052sr National Starch 20kV,/barrel 2008 01062 Ge lianghao Group Fushun Ge lianghao Chemical Co., Ltd. (member unit) white emulsion glue Ge lianghao 1k9/barrel 2008 ol 033 Guangzhou Yijiang Chemical Co., Ltd. (member unit) white emulsion (environmental friendly polyvinyl acetate lotion) Yijiang 2ke/barrel 2008 01-074 Meichao decorative materials Co., Ltd. (member unit) accounted for mubao Meichao 4k9/barrel 2007 11085 Beijing Ecological Home Technology Development Co., Ltd. ecological white glue ecology 17kg,/barrel 2008 01086 Shanghai Zhongnan building materials company Zhongnan formaldehyde free building glue Zhongnan 20k9/barrel 2008 01-o37 Liaoning Lushi Chemical Group Co., Ltd. (member unit)

brain adhesive product quality national supervision spot check some products with poor quality and their enterprise list serial number enterprise name production formula: product name trademark specification production date main unqualified items 1 Handan Fuxing District Xinxing adhesive material factory Xinxing 13k9/barrel 2008 0224 benzene 2 Handan Fuxing District Deli adhesive factory super strong universal adhesive Bosen 0.5k9/barrel 2008 02 benzene 3 Foshan YONGGU universal adhesive Co., Ltd Si Wanneng Jiao YONGGU 15k9/barrel 2008 - O2 19 benzene 4 Yan'an Baota District Shengdu chemical plant adhesive Shengdu 15k9/barrel 2007 1216 free formaldehyde 5 Laizhou kangbaili strong decoration Wanneng Jiao kangbaili 10L/barrel 2007 1117 toluene + xylene

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