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Red Star experts analyze the reasons for the recent rise in coal prices

Red Star experts analyze the reasons for the recent rise in coal prices

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coal prices have been rising recently, causing iron ore and steel prices to rise one after another, and a variety of black goods have achieved a counter attack. So what are the factors causing the rise in coal prices? Red Star experts analyze and interpret this

according to the latest market trend analysis report of coal prices, coal prices have changed the trend of falling by 30% last year and entered a significant recovery stage. This year, coal prices rose by more than 17 ◆ 0% in the world's first inspection window, making it the best performing and hottest bulk commodity in 2016. Experts analyzed that the counter attack and rise of coal prices in 2016 were mainly due to the following points

from the macro level, in order to resolve the overcapacity of coal, the government issued and implemented the supply side reform policy of the coal industry, and a large number of backward production capacity were eliminated, which to some extent led to a reduction in supply, especially the 276 production restriction policy introduced this year. Since April, coal mines across the country have been operating for no more than 276 working days a year. After the introduction of the policy, a large number of backward production capacity have been eliminated and shut down. With the promotion of capacity reduction and the strict implementation of the 276 production restriction policy, the total capacity of coal mines in production plus completed and trial run coal mines is 3.255 billion tons, about 400 million tons of capacity has been cut off from last year, accounting for 11%

at the same time, the knowledge of pipeline detection of ring stiffness testing machine in the middle of 2016, the construction of infrastructure and real estate in China began to pick up, the steel price rose, and the coal demand of steel enterprises rose, which created a huge gap between supply and demand, promoting the rise of coal prices

the reduction of coal supply, the adjustment of transportation policies, the vehicle load limit policy, the increase of railway freight, and the intensive maintenance of many coal transportation railway lines have all led to the rise of transportation costs again, resulting in the rise of coal prices

uncontrollable weather is also a factor in the rise of coal prices. There are many hot weather in summer this year, the power supply is tight, and the price rises. Some coking raw coal is directly sold as power coal, and relatively few coking coal is supplied to steel enterprises, leading to price increases. In addition, heavy rain and rainstorm occurred frequently in many places, washing away roads, which also indirectly affected the outward transportation channels of coal

the adjustment failure of imported coal is also an important factor that leads to the rise of coal prices, such as the testing of tensile performance indicators of wood, plastic profiles, wires and cables, paper, film, rubber, medicine, food packaging materials, fabrics, etc., and the digital display electronic universal experimental machine is suitable for users who only want force value, tensile strength, compressive strength and other relevant data. According to the past practice, when the domestic coal market is in short supply, imported coal will become an effective supplement to the market. This year, domestic enterprises purchased a large number of imported coal, resulting in a shortage of coking coal in the international market and a sharp rise in prices. The release of the increased production capacity of domestic coal mining giants is also difficult to alleviate the shortage of domestic coal prices in the short term, resulting in a larger increase in international coal prices than domestic ones, and the import of coal is unable to effectively adjust the market

according to the analysis of experts, there are about 25% recycled materials. Since September, the advanced production capacity of large coal enterprises has increased and released, and the supply of coking coal will gradually increase in the fourth quarter. It is expected that the market will reach a basic supply-demand balance by December

according to red star machine, although the coal production capacity is expanded again, the coal price will still rise all the way, and at the same time, the coal de production work will continue to enter the final stage. (this article is from Red Star machine)

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