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Li Guangsheng, chairman of Star Cable transformed into "Shangwei shares", proposed the goal of 10 billion

Star Cable transformed into "Shangwei shares", and Li Guangsheng, chairman of Star Cable transformed into "Shangwei shares", proposed that 10 billion items are generally the quenching and tempering standard

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original title: Star Cable transformed into "Shangwei shares", chairman Li Guangsheng proposed the goal of 10 billion

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Securities Times Tang Qiang

November 6, The stock abbreviation of star cable (603333) will be officially changed to "Shangwei shares", and the securities code will remain unchanged

after the pain from 2013 to 2016, star cable has now come out of the trough, and its business performance has shown a significant "V" reversal. Under this background, Star Cable began to actively promote the capital market and reshape the image of listed companies

in an exclusive interview with securities times · e company, Li Guangsheng, chairman of star cable, said that the company's renaming was aimed at promoting the brand upgrading strategy. By 2022, Shangwei shares will achieve a sales revenue of 10 billion yuan and enter a 10 billion enterprise. At the same time, the comprehensive income of Shangwei's employees should be doubled to become a "domestic leading and international first-class" cable enterprise

"as long as the original intention does not change, the fire of the dream will never go out." Facing the future of the company, Li Guangsheng said that Sunway is moving towards the goal of being a leader in the special cable industry

the annual net profit is expected to increase by 2-3 times

the third quarterly report shows that from January to September this year, Shangwei Co., Ltd. achieved a revenue of 1.1 billion yuan, an increase of 67% year-on-year; The net profit after non deduction was 47.84 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 159%, a new high in recent five years. Sunway said that through strengthening market development, the company has promoted the substantial growth of sales revenue and the increase of gross profit margin, and predicted that the cumulative net profit would increase by 200% to 300% year-on-year from the beginning of the year to the end of the next reporting period

although the performance of the third quarter report is not particularly eye-catching, this achievement is not easy to come by compared with the arduous journey after the listing of Sunway shares and the intensified competition in the cable industry

five years ago, the company was always controversial in the capital market because many directors and senior executives of the company were involved in the official earthquake in Sichuan. From 2012 to 2016, Shangwei's performance continued to be sluggish, and it once faced the risk of delisting

"change" took place in July 2015. During the crisis, Li Guangsheng took over the leadership of star cable. At the beginning of his appointment as the chairman of the company, star cable was in a period of all kinds of waste and uncertainty

in 2016, Li Guangsheng rebuilt the star cable management team, and the internal management of the enterprise was on the right track. At the same time, the case involving Li Guangyuan, the original actual controller, was officially adjudicated by the court, which also eliminated the concerns of the outside world about the future of star cable, and the new management team can also devote itself to the production management and operation of the enterprise

in April, 2018, Li Guangsheng proposed in an interview with securities times · e that the company's revenue target in 2018 was more than 1.5 billion yuan, an increase of more than 60% compared with the revenue of 914 million yuan completed in 2017, and 2.68 times the revenue of 558 million yuan in 2016. Up to now, star cable has begun to come out of the trough, showing a V-shaped reversal in performance. In the short term, Shangwei's goal is to achieve a sales revenue of 2.5 billion yuan and a net profit of more than 200million yuan in 2019

Sunway Co., Ltd. predicts that by 2018, the market capacity of China's wire and cable industry will reach 1.41 trillion yuan, and the average annual compound growth rate of the industry in the next five years will be about 5.09%. In 2022, the market capacity of China's wire and cable industry will reach 1.72 trillion yuan

according to the established strategy of brand upgrading, sunway has established the driving mode of "cable main industry + industrial investment and M & a" and actively promoted the construction of "collectivization" headquarters

focus on the special cable market. "In the cable industry, after more than ten years of development and accumulation, sunway shares strictly adhere to the concept of" 100% factory pass rate ", and has formed a good reputation in the majority of customer groups." Li Guangsheng said that in the field of nuclear power, Shangwei Co., Ltd. is the only cable enterprise in China that has won the "class a excellent supplier" of CGN for three consecutive years

according to the securities times · e company, through the strategic cooperation with China Guangdong Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Guangdong Nuclear Power), sunway has developed products of class 1E K1, class K3 wires and cables and class 1E serious accident cables

at present, K3 cable has obtained the design/manufacturing license issued by the national nuclear safety administration; K1 cable identification test (2) the connector of the upsetting straight rib reinforcement joint has been completed, and the evidence collection procedure is entered. It is reported that the safety index and technical performance of "hualong-1" cable will reach the advanced level of international third-generation nuclear power technology, so Sunway will become a leading cable enterprise in the field of nuclear power technology

after the "Aokai incident" of Xi'an Metro in 2017, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China conducted strict spot checks on the products of cable enterprises across the country, and the safety of rail transit cables posed new challenges to the industry

the relevant person of Shangwei shares said that around the bidding of Xi'an metro project, the company has devoted itself to the research and development of a variety of cables in the field of rail transit, including subway cables and polyethylene insulated cables for electrified railway. At present, the sampling inspection of such related cable products is all qualified, filling the market gap in the field of rail transit

in 2018, with the industrialization of urban rail transit cables, the rail transit market of Sunway Co., Ltd. also grew from scratch, and now has achieved sales of more than 100 million yuan. Li Guangsheng revealed that Shangwei Co., Ltd. has successively won the bid for projects in Chengdu, Xi'an subway and other places, and the rail transit cable is expected to become another trump product of the company after the nuclear power cable

Li Guangsheng told securities times · e that after more than 20 years of development and several rounds of reshuffle, especially the huge impact of supply side reform, a new situation of industrial agglomeration and capital concentration has basically taken shape, and the survival of the fittest has also created an opportunity for a new round of reshuffle. In order to serve the special cable market, sunway has established two provincial enterprise technology centers in Sichuan and Anhui, and two provincial engineering technology research centers in Sichuan and Anhui

take a global view and take international steps. "Shangwei shares promote brand upgrading, which is another departure for the future!" Li Guangsheng stressed that the goal of enabling enterprises to establish a global vision is to become a valuable and respected enterprise

since the country put forward the "the Belt and Road" initiative, Li Guangsheng has led the management team to actively participate in a series of overseas investigation activities of the Ministry of Commerce for many times. At present, sunway has carried out brand publicity in the Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions, and listed companies have also formulated the overseas marketing strategy of "going to sea by boat" according to the actual situation, formed a strategic partnership with central enterprises such as Sinosteel and zhonggangwan, and jointly participated in the construction of international supporting projects, and made significant progress

some institutions predict that by 2020, the infrastructure investment demand of countries along the "the Belt and Road" will be more than 10.6 trillion US dollars. The cable industry has a broad market space in the huge energy projects, railway construction and cross-border power and transmission channel construction

in Li Guangsheng's view, with the in-depth development of the "the Belt and Road", the Middle East and Africa will be the two fulcrums for Sunway's future international market development. After many investigations and investigations on the markets in these two places, sunway has reached international business cooperation intentions with many companies at home and abroad, and the company's overseas orders have increased steadily, striving to account for more than one-third of its overseas sales revenue within five years

at present, sunway has proposed three new competitions in the future, including artificial intelligence, research and development examples of big data and automation. Automation will successively set up R & D/marketing centers in Shanghai, Germany and the United States. Sunway has targeted Germany and France with the most advanced technology. The "intelligent" technological transformation project is expected to reach production by the end of 2018, and has begun to learn the TPS management mode of Toyota in Japan. In order to promote the construction of artificial intelligence and digital factory, sunway Co., Ltd. cooperates with Siemens in Germany to build a "digital" factory, which is steadily advancing

"Whoever has a big instrument will have a great voice, and whoever has a high ambition will have a long mind." Li Guangsheng told the securities times · e company that to achieve the strategic goal of brand upgrading, sunway needs to take three steps: the first step is to fully complete the "collectivization" construction of "one headquarters, two companies and eight centers" and the "intelligent" transformation and upgrading of equipment in Sichuan Anhui base in 2019. The second step is to complete the capacity expansion construction of the three major production bases simultaneously with the construction of Leshan "headquarters economy" in 2020, and return to the top 20 in China's cable industry. The third step is to fully complete the company's "lean, information and intelligent" construction in 2022, and its comprehensive strength will reach the leading level of China's cable industry

Author: Tang Qiang

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