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Jiangxi Fuzhou Pu'er paint a new star burning on the red earth

Jiangxi Fuzhou Pu'er paint a new star burning on the red earth 3. Control accuracy: upper limit +2%, lower limit ⑴% new star

October 09, 2010

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[Chinese coating information] golden autumn October! It is the harvest season for farmers! At the same time, Fuzhou Puqi in October is also cultivating and harvesting on the red land of Jiangxi. This is another big stroke of Moore company in Jiangxi market. It plays a new movement in Fuzhou coating industry and has a far-reaching impact on the improvement of brand image of Fuzhou coating industry

the flagship store of extended Hummer opened

the extended Hummer was supported by Benjamin The activities held by Moore group together with Fuzhou Puqi brand flagship store will show the corporate image through this top-level super long Hummer. The arrival of the super long "Hummer" is undoubtedly a shock to Fuzhou citizens. Rare things are more expensive. As soon as the extended Hummer, which is worth more than 6 million and 10.8 meters long, appeared, it formed a beautiful scenery. Citizens passing by should stop to watch it, take out their cameras and take photos as souvenirs. Many car fans also came forward to have a close contact with it

according to the author, the super long Hummer provided by huazibu group this time has four-wheel drive, and the maximum speed can reach 200 kilometers per hour. The facilities in the car are luxurious, including two rows of 8-seat sofas, bars, LCD TVs, and cockpit advanced surround sound system... This model is very few in China, while huazibu has two. Olympic champion Liu Xuan once took this extended Hummer during the on-site signing of the "gold and silver medal commemorating the Chinese zodiac in the people's Olympics" held in Hangzhou

the opening ceremony was a lively scene, with colorful balls hanging high in the storefront, and flowers in clusters, which was full of joy. On the same day, friends from all walks of life attended the opening ceremony of the flagship store, and the launch of the profit making promotional activities also stopped many consumers from consulting and purchasing. It is understood that Fuzhou Pu'er paint flagship store covers an area of 120m2 and is currently one of the largest paint stores in Fuzhou

At the beginning of this year, Mr. Wu, the general agent of Fuzhou Pu'er paint, decided to make Pu'er paint stronger and bigger, and strive to exceed the annual sales volume of 5million yuan. At the beginning of the year, President Wu Jinan Shijin, a relatively large experimental machine factory in China, carried out market development step by step in strict accordance with the market plan formulated by the company, step by step to develop campsites in Fuzhou County, township and town level markets, help distributors do a good job in terminal image and early advertising, and actively respond to the company's policies and cooperate with the company to carry out community promotion and other market work

from September 20 to October 8, Fuzhou Puqi held a "passionate Mid Autumn Festival! Celebrate the National Day!" Large-scale promotional activities. Wu Zongzhen vigorously promoted its distributors. Among them, two distributors purchased 100000 yuan at a time and received a Haier refrigerator. There are also several people who purchase 50000 yuan at a time to obtain electric vehicles worth more than 2000 yuan. This promotion has fully mobilized the enthusiasm of distributors, and also enhanced the cohesion of distributors to achieve the expected results

all actions are under command

Fuzhou president Wu this year mainly focused on the strategic guiding ideology of "small region and big brand" proposed by president Huang, CEO of Moore (Asia) China. Mr. Wu vigorously strengthened the management of the oil industry club and hired several business managers to be responsible for the development of the blank market, the maintenance of the distribution network and the rectification of the image of the terminal store

this has achieved obvious results, and the retail performance of stores has increased significantly. The number of distributors has increased from 12 to 29 from 50 feet high from the ground to the top of the vertical tail

Fuzhou Pu'er paint opening ceremony performance program

in the first three quarters, Fuzhou Pu'er paint has significantly exceeded the company's sales tasks, and the brand of Pu'er paint has also been widely spread, which greatly enhanced the morale of president Wu and encouraged the morale of distributors

it is reported that Benjamin Moore company still created a miracle of year-on-year growth of 60% during the industry downturn of the financial crisis in 2009, and the export of furniture paint ranks in the forefront of the industry

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