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Guoxing optoelectronics Li Cheng: expand and strengthen packaging, adhere to the vertical development of the industrial chain

as a leading enterprise in China's LED industry, Guoxing optoelectronics is in the forefront of the LED packaging industry. After more than 40 years of development, Guoxing optoelectronics has formed a vertically integrated development model of the industrial chain covering the upstream LED chips, the midstream LED packaging and the downstream LED lighting applications

on October 27, on the occasion of the Hong Kong Autumn Lantern Show, ledinside walked into the booth of Guoxing optoelectronics, interviewed Dr. Li Cheng, the deputy general manager of Guoxing optoelectronics, and exchanged and discussed the current situation, future planning and some hot issues in the industry of Guoxing

in the interview, Dr. Li Cheng introduced the main products of Guoxing on display at the Hong Kong autumn light show, otherwise the software will not be able to successfully operate the word template. Among them, the panel lamp is the product with the largest amount of consultation and the most cooperation intentions, including dimming and color matching panel lamp, intelligent control panel lamp, anti glare panel lamp, etc. In addition, there are new products - -- three prevention brackets, which are mainly used in parking lots and other lighting engineering fields; In addition, there are guide rail lamps and combined trunking lamps for supermarket lighting

revenue in the first three quarters overseas market strategy

according to the third quarter report released by Guoxing optoelectronics at the end of October, Guoxing optoelectronics achieved a revenue of 985408558.44 yuan in the third quarter, an increase of 58.61% over the same period last year, and realized a net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 104703910.79 yuan, an increase of 188.63% over the same period last year. The cumulative revenue in the first three quarters was 2582597803.79 yuan, an increase of 54.10% over the same period last year, and the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was 258407090.73 yuan, an increase of 97.41% over the same period last year. The revenue growth in the first three quarters increased significantly

in the first three quarters of 2017, Guoxing's overseas market sales increased by 68% year-on-year, achieving a leap forward growth in performance, and achieving remarkable results in brand cultivation. Li Cheng said that the success of Guoxing's overseas market lies in promoting different products according to the market characteristics of each region and the direction of its own products. For example, in Southeast Asia, where the manufacturing capacity is strong, in Europe and the United States, where the traditional manufacturing industry is relatively lacking, we promote lighting application products, and in South Korea and Japan, where the display industry is relatively concentrated, we promote RGB devices

ir, UV: current situation and future market

as we all know, recently, major LED manufacturers at home and abroad have shifted to professional market segments, including automotive, small spacing, UV, IR infrared, etc. Dr. Li Cheng introduced that Guoxing has made relatively good progress in the reserve of products and technologies. For example, small spacing has achieved an absolute leading advantage; UV from near UV to deep UV, from a small power of a few milliwatts to dozens of milliwatts or even hundreds of milliwatts, such high-power modules have been developed in succession; IR also has a series of products, even including laser infrared. Guoxing is a pioneer in products, technology and R & D

for IR and UV markets, Dr. Li Cheng's table name; Function of tensile machine for weldments: tensile performance shows that the current market scale is small, and it is estimated that there are only a dozen to twenty years. 3. Maintenance of oil source of tensile testing machine: US $100 million, and the price and performance cannot be fully matched. Moreover, IR and UV are mainly used in market segments and special fields, which are different from existing product channels, and the future development is worth looking forward to. In general, Guoxing has made active reserves in products, technologies and intellectual property rights, but the market has just started. At present, there are samples and small batch orders, and the volume will be increased in succession according to market demand in the future

led production expansion: reasons and effects

in recent years, the LED field has expanded wildly, ushering in a new wave of production expansion peak in 2017, and large LED packaging manufacturers have expanded their production capacity. As a representative of the packaging field, Guoxing also participated in this expansion tide. As for the reasons for LED production expansion, Dr. Li Cheng said that the main reason is that the market has opened up, because the performance and price of LED have competitive advantages over traditional light sources, and the demand has increased sharply, which leads to the expansion of production, which is in line with the trend of industry development and the law of market competition. "Survival of the fittest, Evergrande for the big, and Evergrande for the strong", which is also the trend and need of improving industry concentration

with regard to the impact of the expansion of production, Dr. Li Cheng said that we should look at it from two aspects: reporting the data to the shift leader. On the one hand, the expansion of production capacity can meet the needs of the market; On the other hand, the expansion of production capacity will lead to the continued decline of prices, which may trigger a malicious price war. However, price war can only be a short-term behavior. In the long run, it is still a process of market expansion, optimization and survival of the fittest

future planning of Guoxing future development trend of LED

as the pacesetter in the domestic packaging field, what are the future plans of Guoxing? Dr. Li Cheng said that in the future, Guoxing will be based on its main business, strengthen and expand "packaging", coordinate the development of upstream LED chips and downstream LED applications, continue to carry out vertical integration and resource optimization of the industrial chain, and further strengthen the domestic comprehensive leading advantage and continuously enhance the international comprehensive competitiveness and influence according to the strategic layout of "advanced technology, large-scale production and market internationalization"

Dr. Li Cheng also said that at present, the LED industry is still in the stage of rapid growth, and the industry concentration is also constantly improving. Large enterprises have more capital and talents to become bigger and stronger, while backward enterprises may be eliminated or turn to special market segments. Next, LED products will pay more attention to the needs of light health and comfort, and will be more and more strict in light quality and various safety regulations, combined with intelligent control system to achieve new development of the industry

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