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The proposal for the 600000 ton pulp mill and forest comprehensive development project in amazalsda, Chita, Russia, jointly invested by Heilongjiang Star International Paper Group and domestic and foreign enterprises, has recently been approved by the national development and Reform Commission

it is reported that this project is the first large-scale pulp project invested by Chinese enterprises abroad, and it is also the first Forest Pulp integration project invested and constructed by Chinese enterprises abroad

the predecessor of Star paper is Heilongjiang paper mill, which was transformed into a Sino foreign joint venture Heilongjiang Star Paper Co., Ltd. in 1996, and Heilongjiang Star International Paper Group was established in 2003, with five subsidiaries. At present, China's forest resources are seriously insufficient, and the contradiction between supply and demand of raw materials in the domestic paper industry has become increasingly prominent. Some pulp mills that use wood as paper raw materials have become a coincidence

however, Russia is rich in forest resources, with wood reserves of 75 billion cubic meters, accounting for a quarter of the world's total reserves. The export of logs, pulp and paper is one of its important sources of income. Among them, the southeast of Chita Prefecture, which is adjacent to China, has a forest coverage area of 2.5 million square meters, with a total storage of 270 million cubic meters of wood and 132million cubic meters of mature and over mature forests, which need to be developed and utilized urgently, And its self mining capacity is seriously insufficient

in the face of this situation, Star paper, together with Beijing Zhuhai Zhenrong company and Hong Kong anfulai fund, jointly established Heilongjiang Zhenrong Star Industrial Co., Ltd., which invested 2.9 billion yuan to register the "600000 ton pulp industry consortium in amazalsta, Chita" in 2004

it is understood that the first phase of the project will start construction in the second half of this year, which is mainly suitable for the majority of B. the computer screen displays experimental force, cylinder displacement, loading rate, deformation experimental data, and the upgrading of equipment for high-yield old users. It is estimated that 2million cubic meters of wood will be harvested annually, and six wood deep-processing plants will be built to produce 700000 cubic meters of high-quality timber and processed timber. All the forest residues will be used as raw materials for pulp mills, It can produce 200000 tons of high-quality long fiber commercial wood pulp per year

the construction of the project is expected to take three and a half years. After the project is put into operation, Star paper will form a development pattern of two raw material bases at home and abroad, domestic intensive processing, and facing both domestic and Southeast Asian markets. (source: China industry news, Zhao Yan)

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