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"China Textile Machinery star" presents the driving force for the development of China's textile industry

in order to comprehensively display the style of China's textile equipment enterprises, tap industrial innovative technologies, and promote the transformation and upgrading of China's textile industry, it is supported by China Textile Industry Association and several industry branches, and co organized by Changzhou Tonghe Textile Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Changzhou Hongda Electric Co., Ltd., Changzhou Hangyue Textile Machinery Co., Ltd, Therefore, the 2010 "China Textile Machinery star" user's most satisfied brand survey activity hosted by textile and clothing weekly according to the maximum value has attracted nearly 100 types of equipment from domestic equipment enterprises in many product fields for more than half a year. After the objective evaluation of users and experts, the dust finally settled

on June 22, 2010, Shanghai New International Exhibition Center focused on the "China Textile Machinery star" user most satisfied brand survey conference

goal: tap the power for the development of national industries

in 2010, China's textile industry in the post crisis era has positioned the sustainable development of the industry in the construction of science and technology and branding. Both yarn, fabric and terminal clothing products are fully tapping innovative elements, and the industrial development has fully entered the period of transformation and upgrading, which will fundamentally put forward higher requirements for the textile equipment manufacturing industry

as an important support for the sustainable development of China's textile industry, China's textile equipment has been working hard for the development of the industry through unremitting efforts

in the 2010 "China Textile Machinery star" user most satisfied brand survey, in addition to the famous large equipment enterprises in the industry, there are many growing equipment enterprises. Some of the products involved have become the backbone of the industry, while some may just start. In either case, their products are stable and reliable, independent innovation, automation and intelligence, after-sales service and other general-purpose testing machine vibration reasons are usually the following: different aspects show their own characteristics. The shining points, accounting for 20.24% and 18.14% respectively, are the driving force that we firmly believe can promote the rapid development of China's textile industry and become one of the topics that many researchers devote themselves to studying

survey: look for the fulcrum of upgrading from a fair perspective

the direct evaluation of more than 100 user enterprises, the detailed analysis of many industry authoritative experts, "China Textile Machinery star" user most satisfied brand survey, and strive to understand the current situation and characteristics of China's textile equipment in a wider range

after the enterprises' active application, nearly 100 models have been promoted through the "my favorite textile machine brand" column of textile and clothing weekly, and more than 100 feedback from users and enterprises of relevant equipment in the industry have been received in succession. In addition to objective usage instructions and model evaluation, there are also various suggestions and opinions on product technology improvement, which will find the direction for the participating enterprises to promote technological transformation

in addition to the evaluation of enterprises, expert analysis and comments are also important reference indicators for this survey. With reference to the technical information, characteristics, industrialization degree and user information feedback of the equipment, many experts commented on each model by industry and gave a comprehensive evaluation. The final result of an enterprise comes from the superposition of different weight values of users' and experts' evaluation results. The "star of Chinese Prescriptions" that finally shines in front of people is the real result of multiple investigation procedures

Outlook: domestic equipment has deep hopes for the development of the textile industry

stability, reliability, innovation, intelligence, automation... They are not a simple vocabulary. As the project content of the brand survey activities that users are most satisfied with, these integrate more hopes for the development of national industries

there is an undeniable fact in the investigation: there is still a gap between domestic equipment technology and foreign high-end equipment technology. However, we cannot ignore those textile people who have made solid efforts for the technological progress of domestic equipment, whether industry experts or entrepreneurs, who are immersed in the research of the technological development of domestic equipment, and have accumulated every possibility of technological breakthrough and innovation. Although the development of China's textile equipment technology is difficult, they have never stopped moving forward

"China Textile Machinery star" focuses on every transformation of domestic equipment enterprises and every progress of domestic equipment technology, excavates the development track and context of equipment technology from a micro perspective, transforms evaluation into the driving force of equipment technology improvement, enables improvement to lead the sustainable development of the textile industry, and enables development to realize the dream of becoming a textile power

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