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The annual import and export scale of China's mold industry has reached US $4billion, of which the import and export levels are equivalent, both around us $2billion. The annual import and export scale of China's mold industry has reached US $4billion, of which the import and export levels are equivalent, both around us $2billion. The mold industry is not only large in scale, but also more and more rich in grade. The development prospect is good, and the major regions of mold show different advantages

Eastern Region

the eastern region is one of the most prosperous regions in China's economy, especially in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, which are not only geographically superior, but also have always been an important base for China's mold industry. The eastern mold industry is generally highly modernized, with advanced hardware facilities and complete supporting facilities. So far, the mold industry economy in the eastern region is still exuding amazing vitality and full of business opportunities

as the largest commercial center city in China, Shanghai has been a shopping paradise since the era of planned economy. In particular, as long as some industrial goods are labeled with the word Shanghai, consumers will immediately flock to them. Now, the mold industry in Shanghai is also prosperous, and manufacturers from home and abroad flock to it. After 20 years of experience, Shanghai's mold market has taken on a high-end form. The number of automobile mold enterprises, their large scale and the excellence of technology are well-known at home and abroad. However, many years ago, a mold industrial park has been built in Shanghai, but it is still difficult to become a climate. However, with the rapid development of Shanghai mold industry, it is urgent to establish a modern and International Mold Industrial Park

China Light Industry (Yuyao) mold City, not far from Shanghai, is prosperous. It is a mold industrial park with domestic advanced level, which integrates many functions, such as mold manufacturing and processing, mold design and development, closing the oil return valve and opening the oil delivery valve to raise the piston for a distance, mold technology training, mold information service, mold material and equipment trading, etc

as the first mold industrial park in China, China Light Industry (Yuyao) mold city has begun to take shape, with a total of nearly 700 mold manufacturing and related enterprises introduced, forming a one-stop division of labor and cooperation system for mold material sales, modeling design, manufacturing, processing accessories supply, product mold testing

in Kunshan, the back garden of Shanghai, the construction of its international mold city is in full swing. Its floor area, total investment and planning layout can be called the first in the industry. According to Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Mold Association, the project will gather about advanced mold processing and manufacturing and supporting enterprises to form a complete industrial chain system. About 30000 employees were recruited. After the completion of the project, the annual output value of the mold industry in Kunshan will account for 10% of the country, driving related industries to increase benefits by 30billion yuan. After all of them are completed and put into operation, the comprehensive annual output value of molds is expected to reach more than 5billion yuan

there are also some outstanding players in the mold industrial park in the eastern region, such as Ninghai mold City, Zhejiang University Yongkang mold center, Suzhou International Mold City, Taizhou mold City, and Changzhou Yangtze River Delta mold City under construction. The developed economy, perfect infrastructure, intensive industries, and superior geographical location in the eastern region provide a strong guarantee for the success of the mold industrial park

southern region

the southern region is located in the Pearl River Delta. Its geographical environment, natural resources and policy advantages make the economic status of the mold Market in the southern region unmatched by other regions. Now, the country is committed to promoting the seamless connection between the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, the two most important mold industry bases in mainland China, so as to integrate into the international industrial chain and procurement chain as soon as possible and complement resources, which will undoubtedly multiply the importance of the strategic economic status of the southern region

the mold Market in southern China is characterized by vitality and refinement, and its various product categories have complete markets, which support each other and complement each other

Guangdong's mold industry ranks first in the national mold industry, with an output value of about 50 billion yuan. The output value and sales of mold manufacturing industry account for more than 40% of the country. Guangdong has become the most important mold Market in China and the largest mold export and import Province in China

at present, the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong has become the region with the most developed mold industry and the highest scientific and technological content in China. Luo Baihui believes that with the accelerated transfer of the global processing industry focus to China, this region is likely to develop into a world mold production center within 10 years

the mold Market in Shenzhen is the most representative in the southern region. Shenzhen is adjacent to Guangzhou and backed by Hong Kong. It is also one of the earliest developing cities in China's reform and opening up. In the 1980s and 1990s, the relocation of a large number of Hong Kong funded mold enterprises laid the foundation for the mold industry in Shenzhen and formed good supporting conditions. It attracted Ricoh, Philips, Emerson and other world top 500 enterprises to settle in Shenzhen. At the same time, it also enabled overseas enterprises that originally supported these enterprises to set up factories in Shenzhen, thus forming electronic Complete industrial chain of communication, household appliances and other products. It accounts for nearly 60% of the total output value of molds in Guangdong Province. After rapid development, Shenzhen mold industry has a very important position in the country, and the scale and level of mold industry have reached the national level. The planned area of Shenzhen mold industry cluster base is 2418 mu (1.612 million square meters), which will be built in three years by stages. After completion, about 100 mold and supporting production enterprises will be absorbed into the base for development, and the annual output value will be increased by 10 billion yuan, the profit and tax will be generated by 3 billion yuan, and the export foreign exchange will be generated by 400million US dollars. At present, the first phase of the base is 560000 square meters, and 10 enterprises such as Yihe, Languang Juhui and haixiangming have settled in

Hengli mold City, located in the east of Dongguan, held a foundation laying ceremony in June 2006, which means that this mold City, which carries the adjustment and upgrading of the industrial structure and industrial characteristics of Hengli Town, will soon rise here. At present, there are more than 10 large-scale mold production leading enterprises in the town, 273 medium-sized mold and software remanufacturing enterprises, and more than 1300 mold hardware processing shops, which have a certain production scale

looking at the mold Market in Guangdong, Luo Baihui pointed out that strong industrial strength and market foundation can effectively promote the success of the mold industrial park. These successful mold industrial parks have one thing in common, either in economically active areas, or in areas where traditional mold industry and related industries are very developed

northern region

the northern region has a strong cultural atmosphere and profound historical heritage, which has injected new connotation into the prosperity of industry. Throughout North China, Northeast China and Northwest China, a large number of military and heavy industry enterprises are stationed there, which has also brought some vitality to the economically underdeveloped northern mold market

Dalian mold industrial park is the first mold Park in Northeast China that integrates production and supporting services. Dalian mold industrial park is located in Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone. It was established in 2003 and is mainly constructed in the form of private and official assistance. At present, nearly 400000 square meters of self built areas and special plant areas have been used, and the planned land for the future is 2 square kilometers. In recent years, Dalian mold industrial park has achieved good results in attracting investment. These enterprises not only support the home appliance, automobile and electronic industries in Dalian and Northeast China, but also a large number of molds have entered the Japanese, European and American markets. According to reports, the agglomeration of the mold industry has attracted more foreign-funded enterprises to invest in Dalian, and also created a good platform and conditions for large domestic and foreign enterprises to set up R & D centers in Dalian. The construction of a technology center in the development zone has played a complementary role in improving the overall comprehensive supporting environment in Dalian

as one of the three provinces in Northeast China, Changchun Automobile Industry Development Zone in Jilin Province has enclosed an area of 1 square kilometer near FAW Volkswagen Company in Changchun, striving to build it into a first-class mold industrial park in Northeast China and leading in China within 3 to 5 years. The first phase will build 250000 square meters, and the output value is expected to reach 1billion yuan in the first year of construction. The industrial output value of the whole park will reach 90million yuan in taxes, and will increase by 30% every year thereafter

Hebei Huanghua mold industrial park is a mold city with a certain scale in northern China. After the second phase construction, more than 100 enterprises have settled in. It has taken the lead in the northern mold market

however, in the view of Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Mold Association, due to the lack of regional and economic advantages, compared with the southern mold City, the purchase is divided into six packages, and the development of northern molds is somewhat slow. However, several representative mold industrial parks in the North should be said to have developed well. Mold cities in Tianjin and other regions are also under planning

central region

the central region is located in the hinterland of China. After the reform and opening up, it took the lead in restoring and developing the individual and private economy in China. In the 1980s, with its superior geographical advantages, it played a circulation function of connecting the South with the north and connecting the East and the west, and once created a brilliant business history

Wuhu, which is known internally as little Shanghai in Anhui Province, takes advantage of the opportunity of adjusting the planning of the economic and Technological Development Zone to plan carefully and strive to build a mold industry base. Wuhu mold industry base, with a total planning area of 1358 mu, includes mold industry park, related industry development zone, mold industry comprehensive service zone, etc. The base adopts the strategy of one-time planning, phased development and rolling development. It is planned to be constructed in two phases. The first phase covers an area of 230 mu, with a total planned investment of 340million yuan. In addition to arranging a certain proportion of land transfer, a number of standard workshops will be built and leased to smaller supporting enterprises. The provincial capital Hefei, unwilling to be outdone, has built a mold industrial park. The whole park is divided into three phases, which will be completed in 3-5 years. The total investment is 1billion yuan. After completion, it can form a mold output value of 3billion yuan, driving the scale of products over 10 billion yuan. The first phase is planned to be 800 mu

peony Huakai Luoyang City, Luoyang Mold Technology Industrial Park covers an area of more than 20 mu, and has been put into use at present. According to Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Mold Association, mold cities are also being planned in Nanchang and other provinces and cities in Jiangxi Province. Due to the weak economic development and insufficient industrial development momentum in the central region, the mold market is also slightly weak. Like Hefei in Anhui Province, a city with a solid foundation for home appliance and automobile industries, the development of mold industrial park should be said to have great prospects

western market

due to many factors such as natural history and geography, the infrastructure in the western region is imperfect, the overall economy is backward, the industry is underdeveloped, the business is not active, and the industry is labor-intensive. Many mold enterprises take root here

with regard to the construction of industrial parks, Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Model Association, said that first, it is conducive to invigorating the local economy and stimulating the development of the local economy; Second, it is conducive to increasing employment, enriching the people and promoting social stability; Third, it is conducive to the production and processing of enterprises and improve the level of development; Fourth, it is conducive to the accumulation of resources

after the construction of Chongqing Mold Industrial Park, which is known as the largest in the west, will reach an annual total production of 20billion yuan. While the Industrial Park brings rich economic, fiscal and tax income to Yubei District, this labor-intensive industry can also solve the employment problem of 23000 people, which is tantamount to greatly reducing the pressure of the government and Society for Yubei, as the Three Gorges Reservoir area. Of course, the experience of Yiwu Commodity market shows that Chongqing mold industrial park will promote the hotel industry, catering industry, transportation industry and other related industries

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