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Stanford ™ S series unveiled Cummins generator in China for another 20 years

Stanford ™ Moreover, with the function of swing angle limitation, s series appeared. Cummins generator has climbed the peak in China for 20 years.

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on November 11, 2016, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding of Cummins generator technology (China) Co., Ltd., the new product S0 S1 series generator of Stamford brand of Cummins generator was grandly unveiled in China

the guest is Cummins Stamford (Stanford ™) S series generator unveiling

as Stamford (Stanford ™) S series generator is a brand-new product. The S0 S1 series products released this time take "what you ask, I will respond" as the product development and market slogan. In the initial research and development process, Cummins generator collected a large number of customer voices to meet the various needs of customers with excellent product research and development level

reduce the assembly time

thanks to the transition sleeve, feet and junction box that are easy to load and unload, the assembly time of the new S0 S1 series is 20% less than that of Stanford's current generator series. S0 S1 series products set a new benchmark for similar products in terms of user friendliness, making the assembly of generator sets easier and faster

convenient replacement of alternators of other brands

in order to improve the compatibility of generator products, S0 S1 series generators adopt a highly applicable base and specially designed legs. When changing the brand of alternators, it is completely unnecessary to redesign the new base, which can well match all commonly used generators. Moreover, the AVR position and center height of generators can be selected by themselves, which greatly enhances the compatibility of products

meet the smaller generator to match the generator set

s0 S1 series new products adopt the leading compact design, which is more portable than the previous alternator in appearance and perfectly matches the small generator set. But there was no compromise in quality and he was completely loyal to Stanford ™ The pure quality of the brand

Cummins generator always adheres to the most reliable quality and is the most trusted product of customers. All components of S0 S1 series products have undergone 9000 hours of high-strength accelerated fatigue test. Strict manufacturer selection and manufacturing standards are adopted, and we strive for excellence, only to provide customers with the most reliable products. Chinese customers have always been the focus of Cummins generator market. The input of Chinese customers and Chinese teams has played an important role in the formation of this product. I believe Stanford ™ S0 S1 series will satisfy the Chinese market, and Stanford ™ The consistent global support will be the strong backing of S0 S1 series

Cummins' new series of products have aroused great interest from customers and brought unprecedented shock.

Chinese customers have always been the market focus of Cummins generator. The input of Chinese customers and Chinese teams has played an important role in the formation of this product. We believe that Stanford ™ S0 S1 series will satisfy the Chinese market, and Stanford ™ The consistent global support will be the strong backing of S0 S1 series

Cummins application engineers explained to customers the new highlights and new products of s0s1

s0 S1 series products have a wide range of applications, including standby power supply, telecom base stations, real estate, cogeneration, continuous power supply, etc. In order to facilitate customers to intuitively understand the characteristics of S0 S1 series products, Cummins generator also released Stamford S0 s1app in Apple App store and Google driven cylindrical gear play, which users can download directly and have a glance at more product details

Scott D strudwick, global sales and marketing director of Cummins generator technology, said at the new product launch: "Stanford ™ The fixture design of S0 S1 series generator is also a difficulty. The official release marks that Cummins generator ™ The beginning of updating the whole series of products. Taking the market and customers as the orientation and helping customers achieve success as the goal has been our focus for a long time. In the future, we will continue to collect customer feedback and meet the market demand with excellent quality. "

as a tribute to the 20th anniversary of Cummins generator technology (China) Co., Ltd., the launch of this new product is a milestone. Cummins generator technology (China) Co., Ltd. was founded in February, 1996. Now there are two factories in Wuxi high tech Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, with a total of more than 700 employees. It mainly produces various types of brushless alternators between 7.5 and 2500 kVA. Its products are suitable for the market, from standby motors to high-performance marine systems. After 20 years of development, Cummins generator technology (China) Co., Ltd. has been widely recognized in the industry and society in terms of brand, products and corporate image

Cummins generator technology (formerly new era AVK), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cummins's power system division, is the inventor of the world's first automatic voltage regulating generator and the world's first brushless alternator. Cummins generator technology has a history of more than 100 years. Its production, sales and service networks are all over the world. There is no good market for non-metallic materials in the world. There are 6 subsidiaries (factories) and more than 3000 employees worldwide

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