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Red Star Macalline and others are suspected of using wood-based panels to fake solid wood furniture. What are the standards for the difference between the value indication and the return journey

Red Star Macalline and others are suspected of using wood-based panels to fake solid wood furniture

March 15, 2011

[China paint information] according to the voice of China, "therefore, the disposal of waste plastic particles will become a hot topic in the future", on the afternoon of March 10, Zhejiang Consumer Protection Commission held a briefing on the progress of solid wood furniture consumption evaluation activities, and red star Macalline, Zhejiang jusang and other dealers and manufacturers apologized to consumers, And make consumption commitments. Chengdu Levis, Shandong Jimeile and other furniture brands withdrew from Hangzhou and established Shandong Sida high-tech testing equipment Co., Ltd

first review the evaluation activities of solid wood furniture. Since November last year, Zhejiang Consumer Protection Commission has tested 13 samples of declared solid wood furniture from 7 large home furnishing markets including red star Macalline and Heping furniture in Hangzhou market. The results showed that these 13 samples used fake wood-based panels to the same extent, which did not belong to solid wood furniture. At the same time, there are also problems such as clamping the standard tensile sample with the corresponding force value on the experimental machine, nonstandard labels, false publicity, and refusing to return the goods. Subsequently, Zhejiang Consumer Protection Commission and Furniture Association also urged enterprises to rectify

at the briefing on the 10th, the manufacturers of solid wood furniture such as Guangdong Federal furniture and Zhejiang jusang furniture first apologized to the consumers in Zhejiang Province, and then informed them of a series of rectification measures such as the standardized signs, logos and training of shopping guides of solid wood furniture enterprises. However, manufacturers attribute this problem to the sales terminal. Xujianming, Secretary General of Zhejiang Consumer Protection Commission, doesn't think so. He said that the problems of the terminal can't be attributed to the terminal. After all, shopping guides and dealers also serve manufacturers. Manufacturers, dealers and shopping guides all exist, and the solid wood furniture industry needs common norms

at the briefing, dealers such as red star Macalline, Eurasia home, Dongfang family, as well as manufacturers of Guangdong Federal furniture and Zhejiang jusang furniture signed a letter of commitment to accept consumer supervision. Xu Jianming said that according to the understanding of the Consumer Protection Commission, Chengdu Levis, Shandong Jimeile and other exposed enterprises have withdrawn from the Hangzhou market, which may be a means to change their names and return to the Hangzhou market. However, such opportunistic means are untenable in the Zhejiang market. Next, Zhejiang Consumer Protection Commission contacted some associations and still supervised the solid wood furniture in the industry market

in the next May, Zhejiang Consumer Protection Commission and Zhejiang Furniture Industry Association will organize a "consumer review" activity to re detect, supervise and manage the brands and dealers that have been checked before

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