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Jusheng instrument is released based on Microsoft c#/Net's next-generation customized instrument software architecture

Jusheng instrument recently released the next-generation customized instrument software architecture, and the Jusheng customization 2.0 business based on this architecture. Jusheng customization 2.0 software architecture is based on Microsoft c#/Net Net is the windows application development architecture recommended by Microsoft, and c# is an important measurement tool recommended by Microsoft to test whether new products and products meet the standard after production Net development language. The LabVIEW NXG recently released by Ni is also based on Net. C# is the ECMA and ISO international standard computer language, which natively supports object-oriented software engineering. C# is the world's top five programming language, on which there are a large number of open source resources to provide strong support for test and measurement automation. In addition to windows, c# also supports IOS and Linux cross platform porting. With an open and multi-source platform, Jusheng customization 2.0 architecture integrates computer science into electronic engineering, provides a flexible, reliable and efficient scientific and technological foundation, and brings better conditions for sustainable development to Jusheng and users

from now on, all customization projects of justar instrument will be changed from the current NI LabVIEW to Microsoft c#/NET。 In the past 14 years, with LabVIEW as the tool, Jusheng instrument has provided many customers with high-quality customized testing and measurement systems. In 2016, Jusheng instrument participated in the open source measurement and control software forum advocated by Shanghai Jianyi Technology Co., Ltd. After a year of efforts, Jusheng instrument firmly believes in c#/Net is an open source, free, genuine and easy-to-use software platform that is more in line with the development of justar instruments and the interests of users. From now on, Jusheng will stop accepting the development based on LabVIEW platform, complete or transfer the existing projects designated as LabVIEW platform in the shortest possible time, and transfer all the intellectual property accumulated by Jusheng in the more than ten years of transition from type 523 to type 622, which is of little significance, to c#/Net. Juxing expects that the transition of microcomputer control will take three to six months

Juxing has accumulated many loyal users, and we will make every effort to communicate with customers. For approval c#/Net platform, Juxing will provide migration services from LabVIEW to C . The software structure of Jusheng will support hardware from Jianyi, Ni and other manufacturers. Therefore, customers' investment in Ni hardware can continue to be used without waste. If customers want to continue to use LabVIEW, Juxing will recommend appropriate LabVIEW integrators

this transformation of Jusheng company is the biggest technological revolution since the establishment of Jusheng. In order to ensure the success of the transformation and future development, Juxing will carry out structural personnel adjustment

although Juxing will no longer use LabVIEW, it will continue to use Ni hardware and other hardware Net. Justar's MacOS drive architecture enables users to seamlessly exchange hardware with large oil output from oil delivery valves and oil return pipes of different manufacturers at the application level

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