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Starlight group once again joined hands with nubotai to build a label printing aircraft carrier (Part 1)

in 1970, a man named Lin guangru started a small printing workshop in Hong Kong with HK $5000. A 16 square meter factory and a second-hand printing machine are all his possessions. Starting with small quantities of printed materials such as stationery, business cards, documents, etc., this small printing enterprise has gradually gained a foothold in the printing industry in Hong Kong, and gradually developed into a listed group company with packaging and printing as its core business and a leading position in the packaging field in Hong Kong. This is one of the largest printing companies in Asia and one of the 200 Best listed companies in Asia

explore the winning road of Xingguang group, and innovation has always run through the development of Xingguang group

back more than 30 years ago, Lin guangru, who just started his business, was not plain sailing. In fact, the 1970s was caught up with the global economic recession caused by the oil crisis, which otherwise should issue verification certificates for measuring instruments submitted for inspection, which brought great difficulties to the development of enterprises. However, with the perseverance of the Hakka people, Lin guangru did not retreat in the face of difficulties, but went upstream. At that time, second-hand printing equipment was widely used in the printing industry in Hong Kong. At the same time, many people in the printing industry reduced their investment because they were worried about the future of Hong Kong. In this case, Lin guangru went the opposite way, sparing no expense to take the lead in introducing the most advanced printing equipment from Germany at that time. This move not only won him many European and American merchants, but also triggered a trend of imitation among Hong Kong peers. The innovation of concept has made starlight famous from now on

printing is an old and modern industry. Only by continuous innovation can enterprises remain young forever. Lin guangru, who likes parachuting and exploration, has always maintained a strong enthusiasm for innovation in the printing industry. In 1993, starlight group was successfully listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong, which not only brought a new financing channel to starlight group, but also successfully made the enterprise realize the transformation from family management to asset socialization management, thus winning greater development space for the enterprise. In September of the same year, Xingguang Printing Co., Ltd. and Xinghua laser color separation Co., Ltd. under the group won the ISO9001 certificate, becoming the first paper printing group in Asia to obtain the certificate. In 2005, starlight was selected by Forbes as one of the 200 Best Small and medium-sized listed companies in Asia, and became the only printing enterprise among the listed companies in Hong Kong that year. For more than 30 years, starlight group has always applied the most cutting-edge technology in production management. Starlight group, which took the lead in implementing ISO9001 and ISO14001 management systems in the industry, has become a long-term customer of starlight with its refined management, high-quality products and services, successful rapid response, and customer alliance marketing mechanism. Many of the world's top 500 enterprises, such as Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Intel, P & G, Panasonic, L'Oreal, have become long-term customers of starlight. The innovation in management has made Xingguang group one step ahead

in the mid-1990s, due to the rapid development of diversification and internationalization, management and talents were unable to keep up for a time, and Xingguang group once fell into a trough. In 2001, Lin guangru decided to invest 6million Hong Kong dollars to jointly set up Xingguang Management College with famous universities in the mainland to improve the quality of employees with systematic education and training courses, making training an example in enterprises. Not only that, starlight group also holds a graduate course in industrial engineering with Tsinghua University, and plans to carry out the tensile bonding performance test with environment 8 and putty for indoor use in buildings (jg/t3049 ⑴ 998 putty for indoor use in buildings); Foreign educational institutions cooperate to set up industrial education courses, improve the overall quality of employees, and continuously improve the international competitiveness of enterprises and the whole industry in the economic field. Unlike other professional colleges in the industry, Xingguang college is closely connected with factories, research, design and other links. Students are directly connected with practice, master the most advanced printing equipment operation technology and design skills in the world, and become instant talents in the industry after graduation. This not only creates a precedent for Hong Kong enterprises to set up their own management schools in the mainland, but also has innovative talent training modes, which are also difficult for rivals to catch up with

printing industry is a highly competitive industry. What can we rely on to build our core competitiveness? In addition to taking the lead in science and technology, starlight's approach is to find new economic growth points. By setting up a creative center to design and develop new products, try to replace the product economy with the experience economy, use authorization, brand and service to win profits, constantly explore new profit growth points to achieve the sustainable development of the enterprise, and at the same time, discuss and lead the formulation of printing industry standards with global thinking, so as to ensure that they are always at the forefront of the industry

according to Mr. Lin guangru, the purpose of Xingguang is to provide customers with fast and high-quality products and services. In order to continuously meet the needs of customers for business globalization, starlight has adopted the strategy of customer alliance, establishing alliance relationships with different customers in different degrees and forms, giving full play to the advantages of both sides, and realizing the optimal combination of resources, so as to improve the overall competitiveness of the supply chain. While pursuing its own development, starlight Group actively promotes the common prosperity of its alliance partners, works with one heart and one mind, and achieves the goal of win-win. Starlight group provides support in scientific and technological innovation, product development, logistics management, talent training and other aspects to customers everywhere, laying a lasting and solid foundation for the development of both sides. This innovation in business model has won the favor of many international famous brands such as PG, HP, Microsoft, Panasonic, Philips, Kodak, Lipton, Nestle, Sanyo, Johnson & Johnson, encore, Disney, Roche, Heineken, Danone, etc

after years of development, starlight group has many companies in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou and other places, and its business channels have extended to New Jersey, Los Angeles in the United States, London in the United Kingdom and other places, becoming a light weight role in the world printing market

in 2002, starlight group, which is constantly pursuing innovation, keenly found huge business opportunities in the field of label production. After careful research, Xingguang group resolutely decided to get involved in this field, and thus established Xingguang printing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

as an enterprising entrepreneur, Lin guangru is not as cautious in the face of opportunities as many other enterprises. After confirming that in the field of labels 3, there is a huge space for development due to the nonstandard production of the connector of the calibration device connected by the steel wire rope and the insufficient estimation of broken Li, after many technical exchanges, inspections and comparisons, Xingguang group decisively chose the top-level equipment of the world's label printing equipment, nubotai 11 color Mo 3300 label printing machine, in 2005

the newbotai Mo 3300 label printing machine introduced by Xingguang printing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has 11 printing color groups, including 3 gravure printing stands, 5 offset printing stands, 1 flexographic printing stand, 1 silk screen printing stand and 1 cold pressing stand. In addition, the printing production line is also equipped with a circular pressing and die cutting stand. As the flagship product of newbotai's series of label printing machines, Mo 3300 label printing machine is based on newbotai's patented platform system. It breaks through the original single printing mode, integrating offset printing, flexographic printing, silk printing, intaglio printing and bronzing, and can realize any combination of various processes. This equipment can complete offset printing, UV flexo printing, silk screen printing, gravure printing, bronzing, wire bonding and other combined processes at one time. Combined with the latest servo technology, it not only shortens the preparation time, but also greatly reduces waste

it is understood that this equipment introduced by starlight printing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is also the first newbotai servo Mo 3300 high-efficiency multi-function label printer introduced in China

in order to make this high-efficiency printing equipment give full play to its production potential, Xingguang printing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has also specially introduced a series of modern digital prepress systems, such as packedge computer typesetting system, Agfa Sherpa 43i digital proofing machine, Agfa xcalibur VLF thermal computer direct plate making system,

Esko graphics CDI system, stork screen printing machine, anhydrous offset plate punching machine, etc. At the same time, Xingguang printing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. also introduced avt/rotoflex 100% quality testing equipment. Even for the supporting equipment of nubotai Mo 3300 label printing machine, Xingguang printing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. chose Ko pack 9-color relief rotary printing machine and Shiki 6-color rotary printing machine, which are well-known in the field of label printing. From pre press to post press, starlight printing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has all kinds of equipment, which also lays the foundation for them to provide a full range of comprehensive services for label printing

it is undeniable that such investment has been made since the beginning of this process, and it can also be called a big deal in the field of label printing. However, for Xingguang group, which has a harsh attitude towards printing quality, and Xingguang group, which regards leading the trend of technology application as its own responsibility, such investment is very natural. Mr. Lin guangru once said that only by introducing the most advanced machinery and equipment, recruiting the most suitable talents, improving the management system and giving play to the team spirit, can we provide a full range of high-quality services for more and more customers. Insisting on taking the lead in introducing new hardware and software technologies for printing and constantly updating them has become a major feature of starlight. The introduction of advanced technology and equipment by starlight printing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is the most accurate interpretation of Mr. Lin guangru's talk

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