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The X-ray scanning gun makes you see things on the partition wall

when it comes to lobster, people first think of its delicacy, but few people know the important role this dish plays in anti-terrorism high-tech products. Because lobsters have the ability to see objects through the dark and muddy sea water, which brings confidence to extruder enterprises, scientists have recently developed a hand-held X-ray scanning gun based on this principle, which can make people and objects separated by a wall disappear

According to the British Daily Telegraph on January 17, this laser gun is called "lexid" (lobster eye X-ray detector). The inventors hope that this new device can bring a breakthrough to the work of the police and customs inspectors, because Jinan testing machine jaw manufacturer can detect hidden contraband through this small instrument Weapons, explosives and personnel, etc

this lobster eye X-ray scanning gun was developed by an American company. Rick, the vice president of the company, said that the lobster's eyes have a strange structure. They focus through the reflection of light, rather than the refraction of light, like human eyes, which enables them to still see objects in the muddy sea water. It is based on this principle that the company developed lexid, which can emit relatively weak X-rays, and then this "lobster spring experimental machine" will image the weak light reflected back when operating, so that people can see objects outside a wall or hidden

Rick said, "at present, we are still in the research and development stage, but the product has been successfully tested, and the relevant government departments also hope to test it." He said that at present, the U.S. Department of homeland security has shown great interest in this X-ray detector and plans to use it in anti-terrorism operations

the company that invented the product predicts that once this detector can be listed, it will inevitably be favored by construction companies, airports, archaeologists and even pest control companies. Rick said that the "lobster eye" can spy out the metal wires hidden in the wall and has many uses in security. 9. Data analysis: the experimental data on the graph can be randomly selected for analysis. He said that the company would also improve the detector four to five times, and hoped that the government departments could carry out detection experiments within a year

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