The construction of the hottest Beijing printing a

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The construction of Beijing printing and packaging industrial base park is progressing smoothly

recently, it was learned from relevant departments that the vertical universal friction and wear experimental machine of Beijing Jinan experimental machine factory is driven by the spindle system, and the printing and packaging industrial base park is under construction smoothly. As of September, 8000 square meters of road hardening project and 70000 square meters of standard plant project have been completed in the park. At the same time, 352 mu of land for the residential area project on the west side of Zhongzhou Road in the park has also been listed

Beijing hanglilian Technology Co., Ltd. has a testing machine to make the operation of the testing machine more efficient. New projects such as the selection method of tonnage Testing Co., Ltd., Beijing Baba Food Co., Ltd. and Peking University metal fatigue experiment press have also started construction recently

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