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The construction of affordable housing promotes the development of the building coating market

the "two sessions" held every March has become an important aspect of the political life of our people. With the heated discussion of people's livelihood and other issues, the convening of the "two sessions" has attracted more and more attention. It is understood that real estate regulation, college students' employment, medical insurance, etc. are the hot topics of this year's "two sessions"

10million affordable housing units will be implemented in 2011

at 9:00 on March 9, 2011, the fourth session of the Eleventh National People's Congress held an author's meeting in the multi-function hall of the media center. Qi Ji, Vice Minister of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, Shen Jianzhong, director of the Department of real estate market supervision, and Feng Jun, director of the Department of housing security of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development answered the questions of Chinese and foreign writers on "affordable housing construction and real estate market regulation"

Qi Ji said that the construction of 10million affordable housing units and the transformation of various shantytowns to be started this year, especially the implementation of affordable housing projects, must be guaranteed. First, the supply of land must be guaranteed. The second is the guarantee of funds, which must have huge capital investment and support. The third is the guarantee of production capacity, such as building materials

it is understood that the construction volume of all kinds of affordable housing in China last year was 5.9 million units, and the task volume this year increased by 70% year-on-year. Li Keqiang, vice premier of the State Council, stressed at the meeting that it is a hard task to require the construction of 10million affordable housing units in 2011, which is of great significance for stabilizing expectations, controlling housing prices, expanding domestic demand, and adjusting the income distribution structure. All localities should pay close attention to arranging the commencement of construction and put it into use as soon as possible

the construction of affordable housing promotes the development of the construction coating market

as we all know, coating is an important branch of building materials. Wall coating is the final coating in painting, with decorative and protective functions. Such as color, luster and texture, it also needs to be resistant to the harsh environment. After more than 10 years of development and reform, the market pattern of architectural coatings in China has initially taken shape, and the three pillars of foreign-funded (joint venture) enterprises, large state-owned enterprises and private enterprises have initially been set. Each of the three parties has its own advantages, and launched different product echelons to facilitate the batch experiment; Fierce competition

according to research, the wall decoration effect accounts for 80% of the overall decoration effect of the room. Taking a family as an example, if the living room covers an area of 70 square meters, the coating coverage should reach 8.6 mm according to the industry standard, and the amount of decorative coating is about 17.67 liters. In 2011, 10million affordable housing units will be implemented, and the required coating will be up to liters. Therefore, it is not difficult to smell that the vigorous construction of affordable housing will greatly promote the architectural coating market in 2011. With the continuous strengthening of the national construction of affordable housing, more and more residents will have their own houses, making it the preferred UV absorber among all coatings with low discoloration requirements. 6 experimental methods the home building materials market will also be greatly promoted, showing a prosperous scene

in addition, the government actively promotes the construction of affordable housing. For the sake of beautifying the environment and environmental protection and safety, various regulations and policies will be issued, which can be used to manufacture car bodies to regulate the development of building exterior wall coatings. But in a word, as an important part of architectural coatings, exterior wall coatings, the construction of 10million affordable housing is imminent, which will also drive the demand for exterior wall coatings. Therefore, the author believes that 2011 will also be an important opportunity for the development of exterior wall coatings

at the same time, building waterproof coating has become one of the important products of home decoration and engineering construction in the market, and consumers attach great importance to its environmental protection performance. The large-scale acceleration of affordable housing construction will bring considerable market demand for building waterproof materials and architectural coatings. According to relevant data, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the annual growth rate of new waterproof materials in China will remain above double digits, and the total application volume will reach 1.66 billion square meters

it can be predicted that under the guidance of the "12th Five Year Plan" policy and the pull of the market, the construction and decoration industry will enter a new period of development, and the paint output will increase year after year. The market development potential of China's construction paint industry is huge

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